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How to safely purchase a HearthStone beta key

Posted December 9th, 2013 (130 days ago) by Macb3th
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This guide is specifically for the new trading-card-game (TCG) HearthStone, but really it can be applied to any beta key.

While it might seem fairly simple to buy or sell a beta key, there’s lots of scammers looking to take advantage since it’s very difficult to prove if a key has been used or not before the sale. The number one problem that arises is once you get the key it’s either fake or has already been used. To help you out I’ve outline what you should do before you buy a beta key so you can verify it’s real and hasn’t already been used.

If the seller you are buying from already has good feedback, you probably can trust the key is real and can skip the below steps. However if it’s someone with less than 5 feedbacks, I would highly recommend following all the steps.

Before you buy a Hearthstone beta key

  1. Tell the seller to register a brand new email address. (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, whatever)
  2. Using that new email, register a brand new Bnet account.
  3. The seller then applies the beta key to that new Bnet account
  4. Tell the seller to take a screenshot from the game page showing that the new Bnet account has access to Hearthstone.

Once these steps are complete this proves the key is legit and has not been used already. The only down side to this is that you can’t add the key to your own Bnet account, however considering how expensive some beta keys are, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Now you and the seller are ready to make the exchange.

  • As always the person with more feedback goes first.  People sell virtual accounts and beta keys on sites like Armorybids so check their feedback there. If you both have none or the same amount, normally the buyer goes first.
  • As the buyer, send half payment upfront.
  • The seller then provides you the Bnet login info
  • Send the second half payment
  • The seller then gives you the login info to the email address that they created above.

At this point the transaction is complete and you should change the password on both the Bnet account and email. If you can, depending what game it is, change the recover question/answer also. Do this for the email address as well because most email providers today have a recovery question that can be used to take back the email.  You don’t want the seller to be able to do that. Again better safe than sorry.

This concludes our HearthStone beta key guide for buying and selling. I hope all your trades are safe ones.


One Response to “How to safely purchase a HearthStone beta key”

  1. James says:

    This game is going to be awesome. By the way, you do a fantastic job on this site. Keep up the good work.

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