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Posted on December 9th, 2013 (128 days ago) by Macb3th
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This guide is specifically for the new trading-card-game (TCG) HearthStone, but really it can be applied to any beta key.

While it might seem fairly simple to buy or sell a beta key, there’s lots of scammers looking to take advantage since it’s very difficult to prove if a key has been used or not before the sale. The number one problem that arises is once you get the key it’s either fake or has already been used. To help you out I’ve outline what you should do before you buy a beta key so you can verify it’s real and hasn’t already been used.

If the seller you are buying from already has good feedback, you probably can trust the key is real and can skip the below steps. However if it’s someone with less than 5 feedbacks, I would highly recommend following all the steps.


Posted on September 14th, 2013 (214 days ago) by Macb3th
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Being involved in account selling I’ve come to notice that League of Legends is one of the riskier games to buy, sell or trade in. There are many factors involved, but before I discuss the steps you can take to protect yourself, I’ll first discuss the problems.

There are multiple issues with why buying a LoL account might not be safe and they all stem from the account settings page and Riot’s recovery procedure.

First is the fact the LoL support account is a separate login from the main LoL account. So when you buy an account you can’t see if there have been any issues with it. Even if you are given the support account, you will not be able to tell if it’s the right one. The seller can just create a new one and tell you that it’s it.

Second the buyer cannot see the email address on the account. This is important because knowing the original email address greatly increases security. Since you cannot see this, the seller can change the email address to something else before selling it, then use the original email address to recover the account after the sale.

Thirdly there is no way for either party, buyer or seller, to prove that an account was stolen after a sale. No emails are sent my Riot which means it cannot be determined if the seller stole the account back or if the buyer just changed the login info and is lying to try to get their money back. Furthermore Riot Support will not disclose whether someone contacted them to recall the account, so this is a dead end.


Posted on September 4th, 2013 (224 days ago) by Macb3th
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The time might come eventually when you either want to quit playing World of Warcraft or maybe you just want to reroll, but not start over, so what do you do? Well if you’re not against selling your WoW account you can make a few bucks off of it depending what type of gear, titles, mounts and pets you have. Then use that money to buy yourself a brand new level 90 character. However selling an account isn’t as easy or very safe if you’ve never done it before.

  • Where do I sell my account?
  • Is the safe site?
  • What info do I give the buyer?


Posted on March 13th, 2013 (399 days ago) by Macb3th
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If you already own the original Starcraft 2 and don’t feel like shelling out the 40 bucks for Heart of the Swarm, there seems to be a way SC2 owners can get HotS for free.

I purchased and already installed Heart of the Swarm so I haven’t been able to verify this myself. If you do, please post here to confirm this works. The method is below:


Posted on March 9th, 2013 (403 days ago) by Macb3th
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It seems that bugs and exploits from World of Warcraft Patch 5.2: The Thunder King are still being found at an alarming rated. This exploit has to do with farming unlimited amount of materials and was originally discovered while leveling up the skinning skill, but it works for anything with a timer.

If you spam your mount keybind (doesn’t have to be mount spell, just about any spell works) while your character is skinning (or doing something else) it will give you the leather and there is a high possibility the corpse will not despawn so you can skin it again and again and again.

As I said this is not limited to just skinning, it also works with mining and harvesting and although it’s unconfirmed now, it might even work on chests. If you find out, please post here to confirm.

Posted on March 6th, 2013 (406 days ago) by Macb3th
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Only 2 days since launching players are already finding lots of ways to skip locked zones in World of Warcraft Isle of Thunder and jump directly into higher stages.

The first trick is for Rogues only and allows them to skip straight into stage 4.

On the Isle of the Thunder King, continue along the eastern coast until you see StormSea Landing. Continue along the coast line until you see a large viking like ship. Exact coordinates s aren’t necessary, you just need to look at your map until you see a lock. Once there you’ll see Pterrorwing mobs with 787k health and to teleport to the boat you can use  Shadowstep, or the new Talent, Cloak and Dagger. Instant stage 4.


Posted on March 1st, 2013 (411 days ago) by Macb3th
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This has been a bug in Star Wars: The Old Republic for almost a year and it seems Bioware has still not fixed it, so I figured I’d bring some attention to it.

The trick works in both PvE and PvP and basically makes you invisible minus the light-sabers. The only requirements are that you are at least level 30 so you have the Force Camouflage skill opened. Below are the steps you need to take to make this work.


Posted on February 15th, 2013 (425 days ago) by Macb3th
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I guess this could be considered an PlanetSide 2 exploit, although I would probably consider it being bad programming by the developers more than anything. Basically you get into a ship and can do one of two things. Either go to an enemy territory that’s restricted, fly in quickly then land and repair to get XP. Or land on a slope that slowly damages your ship as it slides down repairing it the whole time.


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