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Runes of Magic

Published : Frogster

Developed : Runewaker Entertainment

Genre: Fantasy

Release Date: Mar 19, 2009

Monthly Fee: Free


Runes of Magic Comments/Reviews


Posted on Jun 30, 2010

Its a great game, the world is huge, there are many quests, i like the ability to obtain two classes in a combination, though its a mock off of world of warcraft. There arent very many hackers which is a good thing for a free MMORPG game. and the fact that you can get currency to buy special items with out actually paying real money, though that currency is still paid through real time cash overall I personally would give it 9/10


Posted on Jul 15, 2010

when you lvl up enough you need extreme effort to get cash shop items so from 2010 this game isnt f2p as used to be before need to pay a lot to be good enough for last bosses i tried allods after and then devs ruined that game too by their greediness so no f2p games nbow to play , i ll wait tera online or any other new p2p without cash shops only games


Posted on Jul 15, 2010

also one forced to pay game

the other guy

Posted on Aug 23, 2010

sorry to tell the kids who dont know all about mmorpgs but WoW didnt start duel classing everything u can do on WoW was ripped from older mmos that were the highlight of there time

Some Guy

Posted on Jul 31, 2010

a lot of quests -huge world (kind of a down-side with so few players) -really close to world of warcraft -dual classes where u have all the skills of ur main class n some skills of ur secondary class cons: -you hafta lvl ur primary class n secondary like 2 characters, n theres not enough quests for both so ur gunnna hafta grind a lot -dual classes means doing a lot of research so u dont waste hours lvling a char that sucks -barely any players in a huge-ass world, u barely find people for raids n stuff -really big world means a ton of walking and its pretty meaningless

Great assasin

Posted on Oct 11, 2010

I don't like the way the game is manage. Previously i played this game for 3 years and a lot of good players(OP) are kick for no reason. For some obvious reasons, the admin doesn't like gamers to talk openly and no freedom of speech. If you just say something bad you get ban regardless of how much real money u spend. Feel like a bunch of blood suckers operating this game! I swear i will not play any frogster's game anymore!

Guild Leader

Posted on Nov 03, 2010

I'm the guild leader of one of the main guilds in wow, the best on our server, and almost all our members and friends from other guilds are going to quit wow at Cata. If they want to go for money and numbers, don't count the one's who made wow what it is now in. We're currently looking for a free mmorpg to play, so thanks for the heads up about this one. We don't like that dedicated players are not well treated.

no such thing as a free mmorpg

Posted on Dec 08, 2010

try fantasy earth zero its pvp based . squaresoft made . and overall fun and u can be the best player on the server without spending any money ... but if you have money this will come to you alot faster. come fight for gev and enjoy the game

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